Mar 13, 2018

ஆசிபி புரியாணி உணவகம் - புரியாணிக்கு பெயர்போன இடம்

Aasife is located right next to the Kotte Burger King. The food is good, staff is friendly and it has enough room to seat your entire extended family.


Aasife primarily focuses on Indian Cuisine but they also have some Sri Lankan Chinese items on the menu. We decided to choose from the Indian items and opted for their Chicken Biriyani (Rs. 480), Dhal Butter Fry (Rs. 230) and an Aasife Chicken 65 (Rs.450).
The chicken 65 was very satisfying, it came with around 8 pieces, sliced onions and lime. The exterior was crisp while the inner bits were succulent. That, added with a hint of lime, was just brilliant. 
The rice was flavorsome on its own, and for Rs. 480 it was more than worth it. Not just because the serving was large, but because it tasted as good. Also there was a big piece of chicken buried in the middle of the rice bowl, which was tender and well seasoned. We highly recommend this. 
While butter fry dhal mixed with the rice was a good combination, it was quite bitter on its own. If you're going to order this, we recommend you try it with biriyani or another rice dish rather than with naan or dosa.
We ordered the Faluda (Rs 300) thinking it was a drink, but, boy, were we wrong. This faluda was like having multiple desserts in one. It had fruit salad, ice cream, an assortment of nuts and raisins, and kasa kasa (poppy seeds).  While looking at it economically, it's a good deal but the flavors don't really go well together. 

Service and Ambiance

The first thing we noticed was how spacious this place was. It can definitely host big crowds. Moreover, there's a small stage towards the side of the restaurant. We're not entirely sure if the restaurant has music nights, but it is definitely something to look forward to. 
The staff was accommodating. They were swift in taking orders and bringing food and also recommended certain items from the menu for us to try,


All in all, we really liked Aasife. It's definitely one of those spots where you can take your entire family because you get a lot of food for a reasonable price. They also do home delivery and catering!



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