Mar 11, 2018

“Don’t Do Business Here” – Buddhist Monk Who Perpetrated Anti-Muslim Violence Threatens Muslim Trader

Colombo Telegraph is in possession of video evidence to the effect that a Buddhist monk has demanded that a Muslim trader pack up and leave a local fair.
The monk is heard to say that Sinhala traders are not allowed to do business in Welimada where the majority of traders are Muslims and therefore Muslims would not be welcome at this fair either. ‘Leave right now or else we will throw you out.’
This is the same Buddhist monk of whom there is another video clip full of anti-Muslim rhetoric that is clearly racial in character. ‘Whether Pujitha (IGP Pujith Jayasundara) comes or his mother comes, these monks will not be stopped,’ he said. While traveling to Digana he urged people to sharpen their swords and come forward the day anti-muslim attacks start.



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