Dehiwala flyover no solution to traffic snarls

The Dehiwala flyover constructed to ease traffic congestion at the main junction has now become a pain in the neck for residents. Despite the ban on heavy vehicles from using the flyover, lorries and buses use it resulting in a number of accidents. 

Commenting on this, Rohan Perera, a resident, said the purpose of easing traffic congestion at Dehiwala was futile. 

“On rainy days, water clogs underneath this flyover and makes it impossible for pavement hawkers to carry on their trade. The entrance to the flyover is prone to accidents and the other day, a lorry entering the flyover rammed into the protective fence creating a severe traffic jam. On another instance, a van travelling from Mount  Lavinia toppled over the pedestrian walk as it could not locate the entrance to the flyover. The flyover seems to have been ignored by the authorities as no maintenance had been done. The railings have not been painted for years. It is a shame for a popular town like Dehiwala to have a flyover with such an ugly appearance,” he said.   

The residents suggest that luminous sign boards be fixed to the flyover, depicting entry and exit points as drivers often fail to spot them. It was also found that the four main roads having their meeting point under this flyover is not properly indicated. By having these markings and sign boards, drivers can avert major accidents and the flyover would be safer to use.   
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