Yahapalana Govt Dodging The Provincial Councils Ball, SLPP Plays Along

The Government which tried all kinds of ruses to get out of holding the local government elections is adopting a similar strategy with respect to Provincial Councils, Colombo Telegraph learns.
Faizer Mustapha, Minister of Provincial Council and Local Government, is sitting on important legislature which could expedite the holding of provincial council elections. Earlier, Mustapha embarrassed himself by using proxies to move court to postpone local government elections, but was stumped when the Elections Commissions pointed out that elections to 93 councils could be held. Mustapha had to then use others to challenge his own petition and have it thrown out of court.
After the two major parties in the ruling coalition, the UNP and SLFP, would roundly defeated at the February 10 local government elections, both parties are reluctant to face the voter any time soon for fear of further decline, party sources told Colombo Telegraph.
The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP), which emerged as the clear winner on February 10 itself is not enthusiastic about provincial council elections because it is lobbying for a major election, either Parliamentary or Presidential, SLPP sources said.
Although the Prime Minister and leaders of all parties represented in Parliament have been briefed by the Elections Commission about various possible courses of action regarding provincial council elections, there is complete silence on the subject.
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