The “Bank of Ceylon Thurunu Diriya” loan scheme has disbursed loans worth Rs.135,065,500.000 among 312 young entrepreneurs up to date. This is an 7.5 % growth compared to the previous week. This was revealed by the weekly progress report of implementing the “Thurunu Diriya” loan scheme which was released by the Bank of Ceylon on 21st November 2018. 

Further, this report reveals that, the “Thurunu Diriya” loan scheme has disbursed loans in all 25 districts of the island and the district-wise loan disbursements are led by Rathnapura by disbursing 46 loans up to date. Meanwhile the provincial-wise loan disbursements are continue to led by Western and Sabaragamuwa Provinces.

This special loan scheme is implemented with the coordination of District and Divisional Secretariats island-wide with the objective of empowering the young entrepreneurs. This loan scheme provides loans for young entrepreneurs who are engaging in various business from around the island. 

The “Thurunu Diriya” loan scheme provides loans without a guarantor and collateral or with lenient guarantor conditions, for entrepreneurs below the age of 40 years, who possess a degree or a recognized vocational certificate and who has been in the business for minimum of 3 years. 

Further details on this loan scheme can be obtained from Bank of Ceylon branches or the Divisional Secretariats island-wide.

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