YWMA headed by Fawaza Thaha builds a mosque in Kalmunai

YWMA headed by Fawaza Thaha builds a mosque in Kalmunai


KALMUNAI- Malaysian high commissioner Badli Hisham Adam highly commended the yeoman services rendered by the Young Women’s Muslim Association, YWMA, headed by Fawaza Thaha for building the Muhiyidden Masjid in Kalmunai, on Saturday , May 18.

The high commissioner was addressing the congregation at inauguration of the mosque built by the YWMA.

“ I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Madam Fawaza Thaha, the President of the Young Women’s Muslim Association Sri Lanka and her energetic team for their dedication and invaluable contribution towards the realization of this noble endeavour. Their unwavering commitment to serving the community and promoting the values of Islam is truly commendable and serves as an inspiration to us all, “‘the envoy said .

“ This Masjid not only serves as a place of worship but also as a beacon of hope and guidance for all members of the community. It is a sanctuary where hearts find solace, minds find peace and souls find tranquility in the remembrance of the Almighty.”

The event was held in the presence of a distinguished gathering attended by the local coordinator of the project Rahmath Mansoor, chairman of the Rahmath Foundation, Fawaza Thaha President, Members of the YWMA , Khalid M. Farouk, Patron and Representative of the All-Ceylon YMMA Conference, former YMMA president Zubair Hassan.

“ It is with immense pleasure and profound gratitude that I stand before you today on this auspicious occasion of the grand opening of the Muhiyidden Masjid in Kalmunai. This momentous event marks not just the inauguration of a mosque but a testament to the unwavering spirit of unity, devotion and generosity that defines the fabric of our community.

“ As we gather here today, we are reminded of the power of faith, the strength and unity of the community. The construction of this magnificent Masjid stands as a symbol of our collective commitment to nurturing a society rooted in compassion, tolerance and mutual respect,” he explained .

“ I am aware of the tremendous scope of activites carried out by the YWMA Sri Lanka, not only in Colombo but also in various parts of the country. Their multi-faceted programs encompass women’s empowerment, building drinking water wells for the community and providing water and electricity facilities to their houses, distribution of Rice and Dry Rations to the needy and organizing special classes for school children

“I am confident that they will continue with their splendid humanitarian program and projects. I sincerely hope that more benefactors and well wishers will join hands with them and enrich their efforts, to serve the community and country. “

“As we embark on this new chapter in the life of the Muhiyidden Masjid, let us pledge to uphold the teachings of Islam, to foster understanding and harmony among all members of society and to continue working together towards the betterment of our nation ,” he concluded .

Former deputy mayor Rahmath Mansoor thanked the YWMA for doing such a noble service which would help the residents of the Tsunami apartments

Photo :Parveen Kumar