Jun 13, 2017

US-Israeli plot against Qatar

Saudi TrumpAs part of their war against Islam and Muslims,Israel and United States wanted to crush Qatar for following an independent policy. Qatar,an extremely wealthy country of little more than 300,000, has been following an independent foreign policy which won the hearts of people in the region and beyond.
Unlike SaudiArabia and Abu Dhabi, Qatar supports Islamic movements such as Islamic Brotherhood and Hamas and backed Arab uprisings.
Qatar’s Al Jazeera television brought about a revolution exposing dictators and threatened their regimes.
Qatar believes in peaceful relations with Iran while Saudi and Abdu Dhabiadopt US-Israeli hardline attitude towards Iran.
Thus,US and Israel wanted to destroy Qatar. They handed over the dirty job to their Saudi and Abu Dhabi stooges who, under a well-planned conspiracy, severed diplomatic ties and imposed land, sea and air economic blockade causing immense hardships and virtually forcing Qatar to submit. The situation forced Iran to dispatch food and Turkey to send 3000 troops complicating the political scenario.
Saudi Bedouin rulingfamily, installed in power by Britain and Zionist Jews in theaftermath of World War 1, hasbeen integral part and financing US-Israeli wars against Muslim countries in the region causing death anddestruction.
Mohamed bin Sayed, de facto ruler of Abdu Dhabi, who entrusted the emirate’s security to US firm Blackwater owned by Eric Prince who claimed that he was born to destroy Islam, has joined hands with US-Israeli Saudi conspirators.
As early as 1970s Saudi facilitated the Israeli destruction of Iraq’s nuclear complex.
In 1979 Iran’s religious leader Imam Khomeini toppled Shah’s regimeand introduced an Islamic revolution. Saudi, Israel,US, UK and Europe were alarmed and plotted to crush the rising tide of Islam.Theygot then Iraqidictator Saddam Hussein to invade and triggerthe eight year Iran -Iraq warwhich caused immense destruction besides killing more than a million Muslims.
Saudi funded and armed Iraq.
With the end of the war Saudis thoughtthreats from neighbors wereeliminated. However,Israel wanted to destroy battle hardened Iraqi armed forces.
saud uaeThey engineered the Kuwaiti crisis by US tricking Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait. Under the guise of liberating Kuwait, US led forced coalition invaded andfurther destroyedthe already war battered oil rich Iraq besides slaughtering hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.
US forcedGulf states to foot the bill for the war and Saudi alone paid US dollar 55 billion-a sum a Harvard University report said was enough to build houses for every family in the entire Middle East.Overall killing and destruction surpassed all recorded medieval barbarity.
Three years later in March 2003 US invaded and turned Iraqinto a killing field. As active partners Saudi led Gulf sheikhs financedand facilitated the US-UK-Israel genocide ofIraqi Muslims.
In its wake came the Arab spring when peopledemanded freedom from their oppressive dictators. Threatened by the rising popular tide Saudis wanted to crush the uprising.
In the process Egypt’s ruthless pro-western dictator Hosni Mubarak was over thrown. In the subsequent first ever free and fair elections in 61 years, Islamic Brotherhood won and President Mohamed Morsi’s government was formed.
Saudis together with Abu Dhabi and Kuwait spent eleven billion dollars-Saudi’s five billion and Abu Dhabi and Kuwait three billion each- to create food and fuel shortage causinghardship and chaos to make President Morsi’s government unpopular. Exploiting the chaos, theygot their stooge Abdel Fattah Al Sisi to  over throw the President Morsi’s Islamic government. Sisi slaughtered more than 3000 Muslims. some inside mosques.
Earlier Saudi helpedcrush the victory of Islamic forces in Algeria and installed a military dictatorship there.
Saudisarmed and financedrebel groups when Syrians rose against the minority   Alawite butcher Bashar al Assad and turned it into a waste land with its once happy peoplelanguishing in refugee camps in appalling conditions.When US UK,Israel,France and Russia continue to bomb Syria and turned city after city into slaughter houses unfortunate Syrians did not turn to Saudisbut to Christian Europe for refuge and safety. This is the ridiculous state of affairs
Implementing US-Israeli agenda,Saudi began bombing poverty-stricken Yemen and caused untold destruction and misery. Saudis destroyed cities and villages andkilled more than 16,000 people. Thesekillingscontinue unabated even during the Holy month of Ramadhan today on the starving people suffering from deadly diseases caused by Saudi bombing.
Within the country Saudis haveso far destroyed more than 340 places of great Islamic heritagewhich belong to the Umma .
qatar turkeyIn their drive to impose their Wahhabi version of Islam,Saudi regime also divided Muslim communities worldwide by building exclusive Wahhabi mosques in villages and cities whereMuslims live in peace and harmony using common mosques.
They bribeand corrupt so called ulemas to promote Wahhabism and fundmadrasasworldwide toindoctrinate younger generation with Wahhabi ideology as against mainstream Islam.
Saudis established close ties with Israel and started daily airline service between Riyadh and Tel Aviv while Israeli companies were given in charge of security operations during Hajj. Saudi billionaire AlWaleed, the first Saudi envoy to Israel, openly declared that” Saudi will support Israel against Palestinians in the event of another Israeli Palestinian war”
Helpless Muslim countries worldwide turn blind eye due to Saudi wealth and its control over holy shrines in Makkah and Madinah besides the backingof US-European and Israeli war mongers.
Under the circumstance while Jerusalem need to be liberated from Zionists,Makkaand Madina tooneed to be freed from Al Saudfamily. Theirdisgusting lifestyle, in complete violation of Islamic teachings, and their head chopping barbarity help distortIslam to the benefit of US-European-Israeli war mongers.
In the midst comesPresident Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi during which Saudi rulers did everythingto please him other than kissing his feet.To please this sworn enemy of Islam, Saudi rulers ordered $110 billion worth of weapons while their own people suffer from unemployment. The question is whose money is this and to fight whom?Perhaps tokill more Muslims?
The irony is that this happens at a time a time when billions of Muslimsworldwidesuffer in abject poverty and starve.
Days after Trump’s visit comes thewell-planned conspiracy to force Qatar to follow the Saudi policy of serving US and Israel.
Helpless and voiceless people throughout the region and beyond were disgusted at Saudi-Abu Dhabi involvement in Qatar as they do not want yet another war which has all the potentials to destroy the entireregion to the benefit of US-Europe and Israel.
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