Feb 28, 2018

Act of terror in Ampara

On 26th February mid night around 1.00 am, Ampara Mosque and my brother’s hotel (Raheem Hotel) came under attack by an extremist mob. The mobs made big damages to the properties and set fires to vehicles including my brother van and a motor bicycle. They have also robbed cash and other goods at the hotel. Although, it should be noted with gratefully that my mother and other family members were safeguarded by our Sinhala neighbors. The reason back on this attack said to be an accusation of mixing contraceptive birth control in the meals sold by another hotel called Cassim hotel which is located at the city center. After attacking Cassim hotel mobs proceeded to the mosque and our hotel. Nevertheless, Consultant Specialist Dr. U. Gamage revealed that there is no medicine or chemicals to both male and female to make them infertile. In addition, there are contraceptive birth control measures are available for men and women; the only permanent contraceptive measure is ‘surgery’. So, the extremists by spreading false rumors and achieved their narrow motives.



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