Mar 15, 2019

JSS Member Sets Himself On Fire In Front Of UNP Headquarters: Protests Party's Disregard For His Continuous Requests For Compensation

A person has set himself on fire in front of 'Sirikotha', the UNP headquarters, in Pitakotte. The individual has been identified as a member of the JathikaSevaka Sangamaya (JSS), the min trade union affiliated with the UNP. 

It is learnt that he has set himself on fire as the party has ignored his requests for compensation after years of political victimization. The person has been rushed to the hospital and he is currently receiving medical treatment. 

He is the second person to set himself on fire in front of the UNP headquarters. In 2010, Rienzie Algama, a 60-year-old UNP member, set himself on fire against internal divisions that prevailed in the party. 



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